About Taliana Design

Taliana Design began in March 1999.

Back then we mainly worked on print design, such as logos, magazine ads, brochures, catalogues and business stationery. Having always embraced changes to the industry; web design and email marketing were included in our repertoire, giving businesses an all-in-one design service.

This has been advantageous for clients, as it solved the need to use multiple creatives and ensured branding was consistent across all print and digital design. Being knowledgable in both platforms benefited clients greatly.

Aside from the design aspect, both supplier and client relationships are paramount. We love working with our clients to solve their design issues and many of them have become long term customers, they're part of the family. We never take client relationships and the projects they've entrusted us with, for granted. We believe the success of a project relies on solid communication, openness and working together, from start to finish.

If you’d like to transform your brand and become part of the family, get in touch. Make a time, bring your notes, and let’s create something amazing for your business.

What we do