Client Requirements for Business Catalyst Owners

As mentioned back in March 2018, Adobe announced it will be closing down Business Catalyst permanently, by 2021.

There is no need to panic. I promise.

Please be aware you may have been contacted by other web developers offering to 'easily' move your website. There are no 'easy' migration tools yet but there are alternative content management systems, and there are Business Catalyst Developers who are creating migration tools because they know the system.

I also don't recommend moving your site to the Wordpress platform. It has constant security issues and you as the website owner would need to continually update the Wordpress software which can result in parts of your website not being compatible when an update occurs.

I do have options for every client but I need to confirm these because some have had websites for awhile with no changes.

Please fill in the form below so I can include the features you need now, as well as features needed down the track.

Does your website need to be redesigned?

Is there anything on your current site that needs attention or you would like to change?

What features do you need as a priority? Tick all the apply to you:

What other features do you think your website may need in the near future?:

Please include any further information that may be useful:

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