Branding Agency Melbourne

Branding is more than your logo.

Branding improves your reputation, builds trust, supports your advertising and generates new customers. It should create loyalty and motivate customers to buy. How?

Take a look at your current marketing material and answer these questions:

  • Do you think your marketing material appeals to your target audience?
  • Is your logo correctly placed across all marketing material and in the correct format?
  • Are your corporate colours used?
  • Do you have corporate colours?
  • Does your website include your corporate colours?
  • Have you chosen a font(s) that represents your brand and appear consistently throughout marketing material?

Businesses struggle because they're not branded correctly from the beginning or have become complacent along the way, and send mixed messages to their audience. Branding is crucial for a start up and there are many businesses who just don't place importance on their company's image. Remember there are other established businesses out there already doing what you're doing. How are you going to stand out. What's your point of difference? What reasons are you giving customers to transact with you?

Taliana Design can help you with branding your business by a creating style guide at the time of creating a new identity or rebranding. A style guide is a document that defines how your company's logo, corporate colours, fonts, and tagline or positioning statement are meant to be displayed to maintain consistency. It is a great tool to give other businesses or individuals you work with, so they represent your brand consistently.

If you would like to build loyalty, produce well designed marketing material and a create strong brand, get in touch