EDMs or Electronic Direct Mail is one of the most cost effective marketing methods and trackable or measurable forms of advertising a business can implement. With an EDM from Taliana Design you can specifically target messages, offers and promotions to your audience.

The messages, which can be text, HTML or rich media, look like web-based advertisements rather than traditional email messages. Utilising customer segmentation techniques, we can help you to ensure that the message is appropriate to the group it is sent to as well as using personalisation or customisation techniques so your customers are addressed as an individual.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • You can track who opened your email and at what time
  • Track and manage your subscribers
  • Track who forwarded your email onto another recipient
  • Track what links a user clicked on

These benefits are just not possible with traditional print advertising or your standard letterbox drop.

If you printed a newsletter and posted it to your customers; can you be certain the recipient got your newsletter, opened it, referred the advertisement to a friend or find out if anything in the newsletter at all interested them?

You probably answered no to the above question and that’s why email marketing can benefit your business, increase your subscriber numbers, properly target your audience and reduce your printing expenditure. It's also SPAM compliant. We can even design a template to include your logo and suit your company's branding and style.




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